How to Reset a PS5 to Factory Default

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So, you just got your new PS5 for Christmas and can't wait to play.

Unfortunately everyone now and then you might run into an issue.


Sometimes there isn't an easy fix and that might mean its time for a reset.

Let's go step by step and find out how to factory reset your PS5.

How to Reset a PS5 Console

If you want to reset your PS5, make sure your other options have been exhausted.


If you wipe all of your console’s data, you will lose anything you haven’t backed up.

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With that all said, here is our guide:

Step 1 - Go over to your console’s Settings menu


Step 2 - Then select System Software

Step 3 - From here, go to Reset options

Step 4 - Choose to Reset your console

Step 5 - Hit Reset


With that all done, your PS5 should begin resetting itself to factory defaults.

Hopefully, this should fix any issues you were having, or make your console safer to trade-in to store.

We hope this helps, and check out our other guides for more guidance if you need it!