How to get the Rainbow Fog Weapon Wrap In Fortnite Battle Royale

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Fortnite is full of cosmetics, be they Wraps, back bling, pickaxes, you name it!

Many of them can only be bought through the Item Shop for V Bucks, but we can also unlock some for free!


The Rainbow Fog weapon wrap is pretty rad, and anyone can earn it in-game!

Follow our guide below to get your new Fortnite Battle Royale items!

What does the Rainbow Fog Weapon Wrap Look Like?

This image from @iFrireMonkey over on Twitter shows off what the Rainbow Fog Weapon Wrap looks like!


The Weapon Wrap looks perfect for any of you Teknique, Komplex and Abstrakt mains!

The Aerosol Assassins already have some cool cosmetics that this wrap will absolutely compliment!

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How to get the Rainbow Fog Weapon Wrap

The easiest way would be to link your Houseparty and Fortnite accounts!


Alternatively, to unlock this weapon wrap, you can also grab a friend!

Well, you’ll also need to play 5 Fortnite matches with them, but that won’t be hard.

You don’t need to win, you don’t need to survive for a certain length of time, you just need to play!

Though you’ll have to team up soon!


The offer is only on from November 20 to November 26 so get gaming right away!

Once you’ve played your matches, you should receive your Wrap by December 4.

So get out there and claim your Rainbow Fog Weapon Wrap now.