How To Catch A Snowy Flopper Chapter Season 5

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The Snowy Flopper is probably Fortnite’s cutest fish.

Look at it, all wrapped up in that scarf, it must be so cozy and warm, like being wrapped in a perpetual hug…


Okay with that out of our system, we’re here to tell you how to catch the thing.

You’ll need to catch the Snowy Flopper for the Operation Snowdown questline, and you’ll earn 10,000 XP for doing so.

Here’s where the Snowy Flopper likes to hang out!

Where Can You Catch A Snowy Flopper?

The Snowy Flopper can be caught using a regular old fishing rod and we found it in the lake by Misty Meadows.


The Catalogue says the flopper spawns ANYWHERE, but this could be like the Midas flopper from last season, which mistakingly said the same thing even though it only swam near The Authority.

We'd say that you should just look in the snowy part of the map in the South-East Corner.

As we said above, we specifically found it in Misty Meadow.


Eating it will turn your feet to Icecubes, like the Chapter 1 Chiller Trap.

Source: Epic Games

Landing on either island in the middle of the lake will ensure you can grab a rod from one of the many barrels!


You’ll also want to be in a Solo game when you do your fishing.

Many people might try and recommend Team Rumble, but the map shrinks too quickly even if you do get infinite respawns, so Solos is the way to go.

And there you have it! Just keep trying until you succeed and while you’re at it you might start filling out more of the fishing guide as you go!

With that done, you can move onto the next challenge, so read our guide here for how to complete the others in Operation Snowdown!