Halo Infinite Rumours Debunked By 343 Industries Developer

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Halo Infinite is one of the most highly anticipated exclusive games for the Xbox Series X/S.

Though, after many months of hype, we still aren’t entirely sure on the game’s content nor a release date.


This makes Halo Infinite and easy target for rumour and speculation, with fans hungry to find out anything and everything they can about the upcoming hit.

Now a tweet from 343 Industries' Community Director, Brian Jarrard, has put some of the rumours to bed, calling them “unfounded”.

Jarrad’s response reminds us that just because something seems true on the internet, doesn’t mean it is!

Unfounded Halo Infinite Rumours

In a since-deleted tweet, one user made multiple claims about the upcoming title.


They predicted a release date between March and June of 2021 and also suggested there could be a battle royale mode.

Neither of these suggestions are particularly mind-blowing and make plenty of sense, so it’s easy to see how people could be convinced by them!

Though Brain Jarrad, @Sk37ch on Twitter, has since given his response.

Btw yes I’m aware we could help solve this with real news. We certainly have some things we’re overdue on and eager to talk more about. We’re in the process of pulling together a year-end update.
— Brian Jarrard (@ske7ch)
November 30, 2020

He later gave a follow-up, saying that he understands the rumours are being caused by 343’s lack of official Halo Infinite information, but again promised that more is on the way!


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Hopefully, his promised “year-end update” contains a plentiful amount of details, or at least promises more frequent, regular updates in the future.

What do we actually know about Halo infinite?

Very little has been confirmed but we have a full breakdown of everything in an article here!


We know that Master Chief is facing off against his typical array of enemies, though this time he has a few new tricks!

He’ll have a grapple gun to aid in his mobility, and split-screen co-op will return to the series.

We also may have a rumour for a February release date, based on of all places a Monster Energy survey, though after recent events we will take all speculation with a pinch of salt!

We’ll be sure to let you know about any legitimate Halo Infinite information we find out as we learn it!