Halo Infinite: Battle Royale Confirmed Via Japanese Xbox Site?

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Halo Infinite was revealed to the world just over a week ago and news has been bouncing around the internet as we await the next Master Chief outing.

Although there has been a lot of speculation regarding the game, an aspect that has been floating around is a battle royal for Infinite.


Now, a leaked Xbox site has all but confirmed the game mode is available!

Here's what we know!


Japanese Xbox Site 

A Reddit post which was spotted by Dexerto and GoldenBoy, has noted that the Japanese Xbox page for Halo Infinite; lists one of the genres for Infinite as a battle royal.


 This comes as a bit of a surprise to many fans, as Halo has never featured a battle royal before; so this would be 343's first stab into the genre. 

As well, this has been a highly controversial topic among die-hard Halo fans; as a lot of them do not see the point in adding one.



Will It Happen? 

As of now, we do not know if a battle royal is ever going to release with Halo Infinite.

However, since the multiplayer aspect being free-to-play was leaked earlier in the week; and later confirmed. It would not surprise us if this come true later down the line!