Esports News 11 Mar 2021 10:06 AM +00:00

Halo 5 Campaign Blown Open at E3


Master Chief has been branded a traitor and the world has been changed irreperably. We took our first real look at the Halo 5 Campaign during Microsoft's E3 Press Conference.


343 Industries showed us an early look at the game's campaign, which brings us the return of key voices from the Halo franchise, such as the captain of the Firefly himself, Nahan Fillion. The game seems much more human, and the wit and banter between marines felt quite genuine and funny.

Explosions are rife as the marines fight the covenant head-on in epic space battles. The trailer also showed off new aircraft, turret action, melee attacks, weapons and fresh environmental set-pieces.

Drop in/Drop Out Co-Op playhas been confirmed for the campaign, with players able to choose from different sets of marine groups, one team led by Master Chief and another led by Spartan Block.

The campaign will also links into the multiplayer in a unique way. 24 Player and AI adversaries, huge environments and all new modes. 

The game releases 10.27.16

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