Former Rockstar North President Secures $42 Million In Funding - GTA Rival To Be Developed?

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Perhaps the most anticipated game that has yet to be announced it GTA 6.

Although there is no indication we are getting it anytime soon, fans are constantly discussing the game.


Now, a former Rockstar President has secured a significant round of funding.


Leslie Benzies who was the former President at Rockstar North has secured a $42 million round of funding according to The Telegraph.

The funding comes from a wide array of companies/investors as well. 


For those who do not know, Benzies left Rockstar back in 2016; amid being one of the driving forces behind the GTA series. 

This also triggered a legal battle between the two parties which was settled back in 2018.

This is not the first high profile employee that has left Rockstar in recent years,

Dan Houser was among the biggest of names, as his departure came as a surprise to fans. 


With no timeline on GTA 6's release, this change of stuff could be one of the various reasons we still do not have any news on the title.

New Game

Build a Rocket Boy Games is the brand new studio created by Leslie Benzies and has announced they are working on a title called Everywhere.

Set in the sci-fi realm of titles, there are numerous Rockstar employees that now work under Leslie in developing Everywhere.


So, fans have speculated they are trying to directly compete with Rockstar!

I guess we will have to wait and see.