GTA 6 Leaks: Parachutes Are Making A Return In The GTA 5 Sequel!

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Parachutes will be in GTA 6!

How do we know you ask? Well, a file datamined from Red Dead Redemption 2.

If that makes no sense read on to find out how it all ties together.

The Parachute Pack File

It all began when a Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) data miner found a reference to parachutes in the game’s files.


(Image: Rollschuh2282)


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At first, this may suggest that the device could be coming to the Western Rockstar game instead but that may not be the case.

For one a parachute wouldn’t fit in the RDR2 world and for another, the naming style for the file is very similar to those found in GTA 5.

Though, as stated in the image above, the specific file is not in GTA 5, leading this to seem like a GTA 6 leak!

This follows after some GTA 6 Weapons seem to have leaked in every similar manner, as we reported on here.

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This may not seem like a lot but there are some snippets to take away.


Firstly it shows that GTA 6 was being developed alongside RDR2, leading to files ending up in the wrong game.

Secondly, it shows that flying vehicles and a need for parachutes are returning to GTA 6!

While this isn’t mind-blowing it at least shows that much of what players have come to expect will be returning in GTA 5's sequel.

Let's all just hope the next leak is a little more substantial.