GTA 6: Is Rockstar Testing Missions and Cars in GTA Online?

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The long-awaited release of GTA 6 isn't looking likely for the next couple of years.

Rockstar has been rather quiet regarding the next iteration of the franchise.

However, some avid players of GTA Online have noticed something.




A Reddit post has risen to the top of the GTA 6 subreddit by user u/thecoolfattykid.

The reasoning they give behind why they think Rockstar is testing features in GTA Online, lies within the vehicles.

They note that they have increasingly made cars more detailed in GTA Online over the years. 

Taking a look at the interior of the cars, the recently released ones are drastically more detailed than ones from 2017 and so on.

They note the following in their Reddit post: 

"Vehicles in gta 6 is going to be a lot more detailed and destructible than gta 5. I'll share two evidences that support my claim.

  • Open wheel cars gets destructed very realistically. Also it’s engine and other components are also highly detailed than other cars in the game
  • I've noticed that lampadati tigon (new car from the previous update) is also very destructive when you crash it. This might be applicable to other cars as well but i haven't noticed it yet

If you check the interior of cars from 2017 until now, all of them are very detailed compared to cars from the beginning of the game. So this means vehicles are going to be a lot more better than gta 5."



Following up on the cars of GTA Online, they also note that some of the latest missions could be linked to the style Rockstar is heading into for GTA 6.

They use the example of the recent Casino Heist mission, they note that missions in GTA 6 are going to be more linear due to this mission. 


"The missions are also going to be a lot more non linear than gta 5 and rdr2. Casino heist is a great evidence of it. There isn't a mission failed in the heist. If you alert the enemies, you can just shoot them down and continue the heist normally (if you or your teammates die then the mission will restart). I believe it was structured in this way to see our reaction and feedback of such missions."

We cannot lie this is solid reasoning. and one can assume Rockstar has been testing certain aspects of GTA 6 in GTA Online for years now. 

We will have to wait and see if we ever hear news about GTA 6 in the coming months!