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Grounded: How To Upgrade Your Axe To Level 2!


Grounded, the latest title from mega-developers Obsidian Entertainment was released earlier this week.


The new survival game has been a massive hit so far, primarily among streamers such as xQc and Lirik.

Similar to other survival games such as Minecraft, you are going to need to craft and upgraded tools.

One of these tools is the Axe, and here's how to upgrade it!

How Do I Even Get An Axe? 

Before we talk about how to get the LVL 2 Insect Axe, you are first going to need to acquire the LVL 1 Axe or Pebblet Axe.

This can be done by getting the following materials during the early stages of the game: 

  • Three Sprigs
  • Two Pebblets
  • One Woven Fiber

Now you are ready to tackle the LVL 2 Axe!


Insect Axe 

Getting this axe is rather easy once you are equipped to fight Ladybugs. As you are going to need to kill a few of them until you are able to acquire the head of one.

Ladybugs can be found outside on the yard from time to time, so it may be a bit of a trouble to find them at the right time.

The drop rates for the Ladybugs heads are also unknown as of now, so you may be there a while trying to get it to drop for you!

Once you are able to find one, you are then going to want to head back to your home base; use the analyzer which will then allow you to craft the LVL 2 Insect Axe! Along with the Ladybug parts, here are the other materials you are going to need for the Axe:

  • 3 Bombardier Partsd
  • 4 Spider Silk
  • 1 Ladybug Head

For a visual guide into how to get this axe, check out the below YouTube video by WoW Quests!

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