Go from Challenger to Elite with Doomsee’s 3 crazy tricks…

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The nicest guy in Rocket League, face of a thousand gurns and captain of the squad with the longest unbeaten streak in Elite Series history. Ryan Graham bought Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars on the day it was released and has been launching 2 tonnes of twitsted metal into the sky in the pursuit of increasingly ridiculous goals ever since. His Elite squad, Team Infused, dominated the league portion of the competition remaining unbeaten for 6 straight weeks. Needless to say - Doomsee knows a thing or two about bringing your A game both online and at LAN. 



We asked him for his top 3 tips for upping your game from Challenger to Elite, and here’s what he said…


Spin to win!

Having good rotations is probably the most underrated skill in the game. I know you probably want to master the ceiling shot and perform some godlike double touches, but if you can't rotate with your teammates properly then your amazing shots will be for nothing. You’ll be double commiting all the time and conceding a bunch of goals. Get the fundamentals sorted first, rotations are insanely important.



The Grind is real

You want to get REAL good? Grind. Grind hard. Play all day everyday and hit that daily quota you set for yourself. Take plenty of breaks to keep yourself refreshed (go outside for a walk, get some healthy snacks and some water) and then come back to grind some more. There are no shortcuts to getting as good as the top players, they've literally just played over 10,000 matches to get there. Just play. A lot.



Avoid the saltmine

Don't lose hope. This is definitely the hardest skill in the game. I could perform 10 ceiling double touch goals before I learned to go a day without getting pissed at myself for some stupid mistake that I made. You have to find your own way of accepting the fact that no matter how many hours you've played or how good of a day you're having you will sometimes make some absolutely stupid mistakes that cost your team the match and you will occasionally play horrendously badly. It's a part of the process. 


Rocket League is finicky game and any slight difference in your brain/body will affect your gameplay. If you're playing badly, keep going. Sure, take a 15 minute break, but grind through it and don't let it stop your daily quota. Even if you're playing awfully, you're still improving yourself in the long term. Embrace the hardships that will come with improving and I promise if you can push through it, you will become a far better player mentally and mechanically!


Gfinity Elite Series will be broadcast LIVE on twitch.tv/gfinitytv - Rocket League starts this Saturday 9:00AM BST