Gfinity hosting a League of Legends Worlds Viewing Party

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It’s quite the mouthful, but we’re thrilled to be hosting our very own League of Legends Worlds Super Mega Viewing Party!

If you can’t make it to the official Worlds venue, our Super Mega Viewing Party is your best alternative as we welcome the fantastic atmosphere into our very own Gfinity eSports Arena. There will be official Riot giveaways, surprises, and of course, the roar of a passionate crowd!


The 2015 World Championship series is one of the biggest dates on the eSports calendar, as the best teams within one of the world’s most popular video games, League of Legends, battle for the iconic crown of World Champion.

The event lasts for a month, with 16 teams participating, and we’re currently in the Group Stage of the series. A full list of details, statistics, schedules, timings and all the figures you could wish for are available via Riot’s official LoL eSports site.

The quarterfinals are scheduled to take place October 15th-18th in the ‘SSE Arena Wembley’, with the semi-finals scheduled a week later in Belgium’s ‘Brussels Expo’. Finally, the finals take place October 31st in Berlin, Germany at the ‘Mercedes-Benz Arena’.

Unable to watch the event live?  Fret not!


Gfinity will show the final in our eSports Arena in central London; tickets are now available.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Gfinity and we’ll be sharing more event information in the coming days and weeks. Tickets are now available for only £10 on our event page. 

P.S. As it’s Halloween, we expect to see a few cosplayers at the Arena!