Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's: Street Fighter V Week 5 Results

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Closing Week 5 of the Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino’s was Street Fighter V! With Season 3 finalists Fnatic and Nordavind going up against one another and strong teams like ExceL and Vitality looking to cement their places in the playoffs, action was guaranteed.

Let's check the final results of W5.



Hashtag United vs Epsilon Esports

To start things off in the penultimate week of the group stage, Hashtag United took on Epsilon Esports. Epsilon's Nasty Nas was looking to redeem himself after his previous performance and was able to take one game from Darkmoonhado. On the other side of things, Hashtag's Naught had a good run, winning out 2 games before he was stopped by  Epsilon's Isam. Gunslinga then closed the show for Epsilon 4-2. Epsilon needed the win to have a chance of reaching the playoffs.

Reason Gaming vs Method

Underdogs Reason were able to go neck-and-neck with Method and took the series all the way to game number 7, but unfortunately for them, ImStillDaDaddy may be in his best form ever, and he proved that again tonight by beating out Vegapatch’s FANG and taking Method to a 4-3 victory. Unfortunately for Reason Gaming, this result means they have no chance of reaching the playoffs and are in the bottom of group A.

ExceL vs Team Vitality

The third match-up saw Elite Series veterans Excel take on the vicious Team Vitality. Excel’s main line-up consisting of Brian, Hurricane and Infexious won all their games this week and sweeped Vitality 4-0, their second sweep in a row this season. This means that Excel will finish top of their group and advance to the Semi-Finals while Vitality’s future this season will depend on the performances in their group next week.

Nordavind vs Fnatic


Our final match-up saw a replay of the Season 3 final, as Fnatic looked to get their revenge against Nordavind. Things went a different route this time, as Fnatic seemes to be better prepared. Fnatic's Akainu was able to decisively beat Nordavind's Phenom in 2 consecutive rounds and strip him of his undefeated title, and for the first time in the history of the Elite Series, Nordavind’s Street Fighter team were on the brink of defeat with the score tied up at 3-3. Phenom destroyed Fnatic’s hope at the last moment of his match against Shakz, showing that even when wounded, Nordavind is a force to be reckoned with, and took the series 4 games to 3. 


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