Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's: Street Fighter V Week 2 Results

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There were plenty of pop offs, comebacks and surprises (as always) as the Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's Street Fighter entered it's second week. To make things more interesting, the most dominant champions in Gfinity SFV history, Nordavind, made their debut in the competition!

Let's summarize all the shodowns and get the final results of the night!



Reason Gaming vs Team Vitality

To start the night off, it was Vitality’s Season 4 debut against underdogs Reason Gaming. Reason put on an impressive performance, but the combination of TKR, Verdoyance and Linkexelo was simply unstoppable. Vitality took the series 4 games to 1 and celebrated in Vitality style.

ASUS ROG Army vs Epsilon Esports

In our second matchup, ASUS ROG Army took on Epsilon. It was an outstanding performance from Confz, as he beat both Nasty Nas and Isam using the master of the fist, Akuma. The frustration was strong with Nasty Nas as some avoidable mistakes cost his team 2 points. Army took the series 4 games to 1.

Nordavind vs Hashtag United

Next, it was time to welcome back season 3’s champions Nordavind. They took on the new and improved Hashtag United but would have to do so without the help of their star player, Phenom. Unbelievably, Hashtag’s Darkmoonhado and Naught took 2 games from the champions giving them an early 2-0 lead. Nordavind showed what makes them so dominant as Saltykid lead the shutdown of Hashtag. Nordavind won the next 4 games making the final score 4-2 in the favour of the champs.

Team Envy vs Method


Our last matchup of the night was Team Envy vs Method. These two teams were closely matched and after 4 games, it was 2 apiece. ISDD had 3 amazing performances with his unrivalled flash kick plays. He beat out Abdess, and Nassim-Claw twice to propel his team to a 4-2 victory.


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