Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's: Rocket League Week 5 Results

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With only 2 weeks left in the competition, it was time for the Rocket League teams to speed up their game if they wanted a spot in the playoffs!

Here are the results of Rocket League Week 5...



Fnatic vs Nordavind

Fnatic stepped up their game this week with some incredible teamwork and Nordavind had some tricks up their sleeve and wouldn’t go down without a fight. The series went all the way to game number 5 with each team having won 2 games. Through their consistency, Fnatic were able to score a whopping 6 goals in the final game and dumbfound Nordavind to close the show 3-2.

Epsilon Esports vs Hashtag United

Match-up two saw Epsilon Esports taking on Hashtag United. Epsilon's Bilbo, Sebadam and Cheerio worked like the perfect team, set up some great team goals, defended solidly and kept on top of their rotations. We saw a clean sweep and a glimpse at what Epsilon can do when they play to each other’s strengths. 

Renault Vitality vs ExceL

Next, current champion Vitality took on Excel Esports who were sitting right at the bottom of the table. In an unlikely turn of events, ExceL's Neilskoek, Pwndx and Breezi outplayed the champions in almost every way, earning them a 3-1 victory and an exit from the bottom of the group.

Method vs Reason Gaming


Our final match was an emotional one. Reason Gaming took on Method, who’s squad consists mainly of ex-Reason players. It was an epic clash but former champions Borito B and Rix Ronday along with Kassio have formed an unbeatable trio and were able to take the series 3 games to 1. 


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