Gfinity Challenger Series Delivered by Domino's Week 4 Recap

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Another week ticks by and another set of tournaments are in the books for the Gfinity Challenger Series Delivered By Domino's. And Season 4 of our competition to unearth the greatest talent in the European esports scene for our Elite Series Pro Draft continues to provide engaging action and intriguing names battling for positions at the top of our leaderboards. Remember, it's the top 30 for each of our three games that will be eligible in the Elite Series Pro Draft. But no player wants to merely sneak into the top-30 spots; they want to finish top of the table and put themselves at the front of the queue for the Elite Series Pro Draft and our prospective Elite Series Delivered By Domino's franchises.

With all that in mind, it's time once again to run through our leaderboards – who's putting themselves in pole position for draft day this week?



Last time out on the Xbox One leaderboards, it was night_watch extending his lead over 2nd place BeastTekkerz. Since then the roles have flipped – the latter has overtaken the former to take top spot with 2500 points, just 20 ahead of night_watch. It's as close as you could want it, and once again consistency is key. BeastTekkerz finished no worse than top-16 in the past week and took a Cup win on Monday and a runner-up finish last Wednesday, for a haul of 760 points in seven days – an average of 108.5 points per day. Meanwhile just behind, a new contender has emerged to join the party; DNG PadrePio 96 has climbed from 8th to 3rd in the past week and sits just 130 points behind the leader on 2370 points. The key to his meteoric rise is simple; a huge win in the Thursday night Cup, gifting him a mammoth 1000 points in the process. Alongside consistent top-8 and top-16 finishes each day, this netted him a 1240 point haul and puts him firmly amongst the big guns in this triple threat at the top of the table. Said top three are threatening to break away from the chasing back – Rxbbie_ sits on 1770 points in 4th, a whole 730 points behind BeastTekkerz, and iiTZz MaXi and BradleyHodgson complete the top-5 tied on 1690 points. As PadrePio has proven though, one big Cup result can change everything. Completing the top-10 are Krompe (1660 Points), Alexx19 (1650), Diogo1906 (1540) and elast1Cooo (1310).

On the PS4 leaderboard, a former leader has reclaimed their place at the top of the mountain – Danny Taylor is back in front on 2300 points, with a Cup win last Monday helping him move ahead of LostInTheWavesz who sits 2nd on 2120 points. Former leader Denisss slips to 3rd on 1850 points, and inspite of competing in the majority of Cups this past week now trails 1st place by 550 points. Much like the Xbox One leaderboard though, the top-3 have started to break free of the chasing pack; Renzo Parave sits a further 360 points back in 4th place, but will still be very satisfied with his week having climbed from 9th place. Turbulance1 is a close 5th on 1480 points, 10 behind Renzo Parave and 10 ahead of 6th place KalanC in an incredibly tight battle. Below them, the top-10 has taken on a very new look, with three new players joining the party: Serhatinhoo01 on 1335 points, DeHammer on 1290 points, and Retegann on 1255 points. All three show the value of consistency and competing in as many Cups as possible – Serhatinhoo01 took a big win last Wednesday to lift themselves into contention. Gouvy clings on to 10th place on 1250 points, whilst players like NVD_Hyper and 0775_Arber now find themselves outside the top-10 looking in having been there for almost the entirity of Challenger Series Delivered By Domino's Season 4 so far.

Rocket League

Form is temporary, class is permenant. And in the case of Fairy Peak, both are seemingly always present. There's just no stopping the reigning Gfinity Elite Series Delivered By Domino's champion and Renault Team Vitality star – he has cruised to the top of the table on 3050 points thanks to a stunning 1100-point haul inside seven days, including a Cup win on Bank Holiday Monday night. UNILAD's Speed_RL is keeping close chase though, sitting 2nd on 2820 points thanks to a Cup win of their own last Tuesday and 780 points collected. Previous leader Yukeo FlipSid3 Tactics now sits 3rd on 2700 points, just ahead of KayDop and Mout tied for 4th on 2650 points – Yukeo's teammates Kuxir97 and Miztik1 are 6th and 21st on 2580 and 1580 points respectively.

Just behind these guys is a new face in the top-10 with some very familiar team-mates. Kassio has powered up into 7th place seemingly out of nowhere on 2220 points, helped hugely by a massive Cup win on Thursday yielding 1000 points on its own. By sheer coincidence, Elite Series Season 2 champions Rix Ronday and Borito B have also appeared on the leaderboard in 12th and 14th respectively. Coincidence? Nope – the three teamed together for that Thursday night victory, and if that isn't a huge endorsement of Kassio's talents that two of the greatest players in Elite Series history want to roll out onto the pitch alongside them, we don't know what is. We suspect the rise of Kassio – and Ronday and Borito by extension – is far from over. For now, he sits just ahead of Cheerio in 8th (2100 points), Tylacto in 9th (1980) and another Elite Series stalwart in Flarke on 1850 points.


The top-3 in the Street Fighter V tables remain unchanged, with Nasty Nas still leading the charge on a formidable 3495 points ahead of Verdoyance on 3084 points. Both have pulled away from early leader Manxas who now sits 3rd on 2387 points. Behind him though is where things really get interesting – in short, the Elite Series big guns are coming to play. Season 2 Grand Finalist Shivs has arrived on the scene, storming to a huge win last Thursday night to pick up a grand total of 1394 points inside seven days, and power up the table to 4th on 2294 points. Behind him sits Season 1 champion Hurricane on 2210 points, with a record in the past week that needs to be seen to be believed; not one, not two but THREE Cup wins inside seven days, with an additional 3rd-place finish helping him rack up 1,250 points. Gun Slinga is demoted to 6th as a result on 1964 points, and right behind him comes another Elite Series and UK FGC stalwart in Boltstrike. Having cracked the top-10 last week, the Doctor has kicked on since then, finishing runner-up to Shivs on Thursday and climbing to 7th in the table on 1857 points. GreenSoap (1664 points), KymPrecision (1604) and Naught (1552) complete the top-10.


Each leaderboard is starting to show the interesting pattern of several players charging away at the top and the chasing pack scrapping harder than ever for those all-important G-points. And remember, you could still be one of them.

See how quickly guys like Shivs raced up the table with just one big Cup win? That could easily be you. Go to and sign up to compete!