Gears of War makes it way onto Gfinity

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We’ve been feverishly talking amongst ourselves over here, discussing which games we’d want to introduce to the website in the form of cups and eventually ladders. We’re taking on board what you’re telling us on social media, email and surveys as well as looking ahead, to see which games will be coming out in the near future. To this effect, we will slowly but steadily roll out new games over the coming days, weeks and months ahead.

And so today, we’re introducing a free Gears of Wars Ultimate Editioncup to the website. With immediate effect you can register for it and the cups will be played every Wednesday and Saturday with the first one starting next week on Wednesday, 16th September at 18:30 PM BST.


The game mode is still being considered but the teams are leaning towards straight up Execution. When we asked a veteran player he interjected the following; "We're also playing Blitz and KOTH but not many like it and many want it removed. As it stands it's still getting trialled.". Let us know in the comments what your opinion is on the matter.

We’ve held our financial director to ransom to try and extract some additional prize money and came out victorious, at least we think. In total we’ll be paying out £500 weekly to players, with first place taking home £200 and second place £50.

This is only the first step in terms of supporting Gears of War as an eSports. We will evaluate this on an ongoing basis and will makes changes based on your activity. Show us that you care and that Gears of War lives amongst you and we will ramp up our support for it accordingly. Get your teammates or even your enemies to register for it too. We know the majority of you want us to include it in our LAN schedule for next year and even though it's still early days to commit to that, we remain hopeful at present.


I’ve met Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski backstage once, in 2008 when I was on the road for Fable 2 at the Game Developer Conference in San Francico. He aimed a Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle at me and cracked a little joke. He was there promoting Gears of War 2 (personal video link if you'd like to see it). The original Gears was released way back when in 2006 for Xbox360 and smashed its way to become one of the most popular cover-based shooters. After three sequels, nine years later and many gamers are enjoying Gears of War Ultimate Edition.

You can sign up for the cup here.