Fortnite: Where To Find Vehicles In Steamy Stacks

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So you want to find vehicles in Steamy Stacks?

We’re guessing it’s because Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has just dropped this week’s challenges!


If you want to crack on with the quests for Week 2, we’re here with guides to help you solve every problem you could have.

Be sure to check out our others for any of your other needs!

Where To Find Vehicles In Steamy Stacks

This should actually be fairly straight forward.


Steamy Stacks is based on a Power Plant, and it looks like the workers who operate there must commute in!

As you arrive at Steamy Stacks you should be able to see a parking lot.

It won’t be full of cars but you should be able to find a couple here! Though be prepared to reset once or twice as sometimes it is possible for very few cars to spawn.


The car park is just south of the main building or south-west of the two towers.

You should then have an easy time driving one out the main gate and onto Pleasant Park!

What Vehicle Should I Pick?

Honestly, just anything with a fair amount of fuel in the tank.


This challenge doesn’t have a time limit so don’t worry about grabbing a Whiplash for speed.

You could try and grab a gas can if you can find one, but you could also just refuel on the way over to your destination!

If you want a guide on how to drive to Pleasant Park, check that out here.

Good luck out there with your other challenges!