Fortnite Season 9: Youtube Drops And Game Jam Rewards

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Today Epic Games announced that players will be able to earn rewards in Fortnite by watching competitive broadcasts through Youtube. This is a big bonus as we gear up towards the inaugural Fortnite World Cup.

After the most recent v9.40 update, Fortnite continues to put the community at the forefront of their plans. Let's run you through what the post detailed.


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How Do I Earn Rewards From Drops?

Starting today, you’ll receive special Fortnite cosmetics when you link your YouTube and Epic Games account and watch Fortnite premiered content on YouTube. Link your account and tune into the premiere of Game Jam Hollywood for our first YouTube Drop and claim your reward.

Game Jam Hollywood tells the story of a secret Fortnite event in Hollywood, California. Sixteen of the best Creative community builders came together and combined their powers to create brand new Creative games for the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

Link up your Epic + YouTube accounts to be eligible for rewards! You only need to watch 20 minutes of Game Jam Hollywood or the World Cup broadcasts to receive a drop. If you want to link your account, check out the Account Linking instructions below. Check in-game to be sure you’ve received your reward.

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Drop In For The Drops

There are lots of opportunities to drop in:


7/25 - Game Jam Hollywood premiere.7/26 - Fortnite World Cup Finals Day 1 live broadcast.7/27 - Fortnite World Cup Finals Day 2 live broadcast.7/28 - Fortnite World Cup Finals Day 3 live broadcast.Colelct all three unique, World Cup themed rewards:

7/25 - Game Jam Spray7/26 - Game Jam Spray7/27 - World Cup Spray7/28 - Red Line Wrap

They’ll also adding new YouTube Drops in the months following Fortnite World Cup Finals.

Link It Up

Anyone can become eligible for YouTube Drops by linking their account. Follow these steps to get setup:

  • Sign in to YouTube in a desktop browser. 
  • Go to Accounts and select Settings.
  • Under the "Connected accounts" section, select your Epic Games account.If you do not already have an Epic games account, create one then start at Step 2.
  • Click or tap CONNECT.
  • Sign into your Epic Games account.
  • You can also link you Epic Games account from the Watch page of any eligible Fortnite live stream here:
  • Click or tap REWARDS in the description, and follow the prompts to your Epic Games account.

For more information on linking your YouTube account, reference YouTube’s support article here.

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Gamescom 2019 is fast approaching and we may hear more about the future of Fortnite. Read more about Gamescom here.

Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91