Fortnite Season 11: Crossovers And Collaborations We Want To See In The Next Fortnite Update

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We now turn our attention to Fortnite Season 11, after a season that left many admittedly disappointed. We've had many new features and changes in the past season, including the latest Batman Crossover, with many more to come. One of the biggest rumors speculating is the fact that Fortnite Season 11 will feature a new map, for many to battle it out on; hopefully with some new and unvaulted weapons. We may see esports play an even bigger part, with the recent news that the Fortnite Champion Series will be focusing on squads, forcing people to create teams rather than work solo.

One of the headline features that Fortnite has been able to accomplish over othe games has been their on-going partnerships with mainstream media. We have witnessed many amazing crossovers in Fortnite's history thus far, most recently the Batman collaboration during Season X, but more notably Marvel's Avengers and John Wick. So what could be in store for Fortnite fans? Well, we take a look at the top three collaborations we want to see during Season 11!


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What better way to kick off Season 11 than to partner with one of the most anticipated movies of the year, am I right? Come on Epic, we already had the Dark Knight crossover, where we got a complete makeover of Tilted Towers and an exclusive skin pack to go along with it.

Since the month of October is about Halloween, there is no better way than to add an exclusive skin and perhaps an emote from one of the best scenes of The Dark Knight into the game for fans to check out.


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America's most-watched sport has already done cross-overs with Fortnite in the past, as we have the exclusive NFL themed skins and the LTM that was available for players to try out during last year's Super Bowl; which was one of the coolest LTM's.

The NFL season is already a quarter of the way done and with the looming Thanksgiving holiday approaching, which is always a big deal in the NFL, it would be cool to see some more NFL skins. Maybe this time around just a fan dressed up with NFL gear instead of an actual player? 


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As shown in the image above we have already had some sort of NBA crossover with Fortnite, but not really if you actually look at the crossover with Jordan Brand. This would make perfect sense for both parties and considering the time of the year as well.

The NBA season is about to kick off another season towards the end of October and what better way to commemorate opening night than to release team exclusive skins just like the NFL ones? 


What crossovers do you think would be the best additions for Season 11? Tweet at us!

Written ByNick Farrell@Nickfarrell91