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24 Feb 2021

Fortnite: Destroy Apple And Tomato Produce Boxes At The Orchard Farmers Market (Season 5 Week 8 Quest/Challenge)

It looks like the challenges for Week 8 in Season 5 of Chapter 2 are focused on a feud between farmers!

Farmer Steel and farmer Sunflower are set to have their produce ravaged and we have the unfortunate job to tell you how to do it.

So here we will explain how to destroy produce boxes at The Orchard Farmers Market!

Where Is The Orchard?

The Orchard isn’t a POI on the map so we’ll mark it for you:

When you arrive you are looking for a large red building with the Farmer’s Market sign above it!

Where Are The Produce Boxes?

The Boxes can be found on the counters outside the front of the Farmers Market.

On the left, you’ll see boxes filled with apples and a sign for them!

On the right, you should find the same but for tomatoes.

Simply smash a few of the boxes with tomatoes and apples in and the quest should pop!

Once that’s done, be sure to check out our other Fortnite quest guides for week 8!