Fortnite: Deliver A Truck To Sunflower's Farm - Where To Find A Truck And Sunflower's Farm

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It looks like the challenges for Week 8 in Season 5 of Chapter 2 are focused on a feud between farmers!

Farmer Steel and farmer Sunflower are set to have their produce ravaged and we have the unfortunate job of telling you how to do it.


So here we will explain how to deliver a truck to Sunflower’s Farm.

Where Is Sunflower’s Farm?

Sunflower’s Farm can found right next to The Orchard and is highlighted in yellow:


Though you’ll actually want to head to Steel Farm first, the location highlighted in red on the map above.

That is unless you know a different place to find a truck!

Where To Find A Truck In Fortnite

Cars spawn all over Fortnite, on roads, in POIs and by Gas Stations.


Though for this you need a truck and you’ll find one sitting waiting at Farmer Steel’s farm!

Is this his truck? Almost certainly. 

Does that make this challenge more fun? Yes it does!


You can grab his truck and drive it all the way to Sunflower’s farm, which is very close.

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Though watch out it isn’t clamped, otherwise you may have to reload into a match a few times!

With that done, be sure to check out our other Fortnite quest guides for Week 8!