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24 Feb 2021

Visit Predator’s Apartment - Where Is Predator's Apartment In Fortnite? (Jungle Hunter Quest)

The Predator skin has just landed in Fortnite and we’re back again with a load of new Fortnite Quest guides for you!

In this one, we’ll let you know where you can find Predator’s apartment in Hunter’s Haven so that you can unlock the skin’s in-built emote and take your mask off!

Let’s jump into it.

Where Is Predator’s Apartment In Hunter’s Haven

As the quest hints, you’ll want to head to Hunter’s Haven, one of Season 5’s new POIs.

Here you’ll find Lexa, who will give you a Bounty to help with one of the other Predator quests, but first head to the opposite side of the POI.

Not the clearest picture so here's one of us skydiving towards it too!

There it is, home!

The Blue Marker on the map shows you where Predator’s apartment can be found, simply land there, go inside and the quest is complete.

Inside you’ll find some cool Predator decorations!

There are other cool items to find inside too!

And that’s it, this challenge isn’t long if you know what you’re doing.

Though if you need another Predator quest guide check out this one:

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Good luck out there Hunters!