Fortnite Quest: Destroy Boats Guides

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Destruction is the name of the game in the Fortnite Week 6 quests.

This next challenge is no different and requires you to destroy boats.


Here’s our guide for the best places to land to be able to get the quotes finished as quickly as possible!

We hope it helps!

Where To Destroy Boats

For this challenge, you'll have to destroy the prop boats used to decorate the island. These are the one you can't ride!


For this, we have two recommendations for landing sights.

Best spots on the island, nowhere better!

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Lake Canoe and Craggy Cliffs offer many many boats for you to break, with bothcanoes and larger boats to whack with your pickaxe.

Capn' Carp in the middle of Craggy Cliffs has all seven that you'll need!

If you are instead trying to break motorboats, check out our guide here on where to find three near each other.


Good luck with completing your quest to destroy boats and when you’re done you’ll just have one task left, to destroy fishing barrels!

Check out our guide and we’ll sure you’ll have it done in no time at all!