Fortnite: Plant The Evidence Three Times In Catty Corner Or Flush Factory

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So you want to plant evidence at Catty Corner or Flush Factory in Fortnite?

We’re guessing it’s because Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has just dropped this week’s challenges!


If you want to crack on with the quests for Week 2, we’re here with guides to help you solve every problem you could have.

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Where to Plant Evidence

We headed to Catty Corner, you can complete all three here.


So don’t worry about heading to Flush Factory.

So land at Catty Corner, as a named location you should be able to see it on the map!

The first evidence location is to plant it near the trailer, which is right next to the old vault.


You then want to turn around and head to the entrance to Catty Corner from the road.

You should see a shelter made out of an iron container.

You can plant more evidence here!


The final place to plant evidence is on the eastern side of the nearby gas station!

Once you’ve done that you should have completed the challenge and can move on with the next step.

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