Fortnite: Patch Notes V10.00 Content Update And Automatic Sniper Rifle

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Fortnite has released a new content update with v10.00 complete with patch notes. The patch titled V10.00 Content Update brings a new weapon into the weapon pool along with other significant changes to the game. Along with the new weapon we also got a new POI, well a different model of one.

So what's new with this patch? We'll break down the most important pieces to this patch but you can find the patch notes here.


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Automatic Sniper Rifle

“Keep your opponents pinned down at long range with this full-auto sniper rifle.”

Yet again Epic Games has decided to add another Sniper Rifle into Fortnite's weapon pool, this time around it is the "Automatic Sniper Rifle". Much like its name the newest addition to Fortnite's long list of weapons, this rifle fires medium ammo and a fastly different fire rate than the other Sniper Rifles. This new rifle is the closest thing to a DMR that we have seen in Fortnite, with such a high rate of fire the weaker damage it will for sure be interesting to see how or if this affects the meta. 

The full statistics of the new Automatic Sniper Rifle are listed down below but can also be found here:

Automatic Sniper Rifle:

  • Available in Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants.
  • Uses Medium Ammo.
  • Projectiles travel faster than other Sniper Rifles.
  • Damage: 31/33/35Headshot: 62/66/70
  • 4 Rounds per second.
  • 16 Rounds per magazine.
  • Uses a reduced zoom scope.
  • Can be found from Floor, Chest, Vending Machines, Supply Drops, and Loot Carriers.

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Tilted Town

Over the course of the last few days, many Fortnite players started to notice a mysterious rift zone in the middle of Neo-Tilted. With no indication into what this could be it turns out it was twisting time to the western days. 

Neo-Tilted has turned into a western-style POI but with a twist, players will not be able to build or break anything in this new Tilted which is a very interesting concept. As well the new Tilted Town also features some unvalued weapons that only spawn in this POI. The full list is down below but can also be viewed here.

Unvaulted weapons that only spawn in Tilted Town:

  • Double Barrel ShotgunEpic and Legendary variants.
  • Six ShooterUncommon, Rare, and Epic variants.
  • Hunting RifleUncommon and Rare variants.
  • Infantry Rifle Common variant.

This new version of tilted could be a unique decision, especially in competitive matches, as with the no building or breaking rules what could happen if there is a moving zone there? Only time will tell.  

Arsenal - LTM Rotation 

One of the new game modes that will be rotating through the Fortnite LTM game modes soon is one called Arsenal. 

"Work your way through all of the weapons, starting with the higher rarities and ending with the lower rarities. The first player to get an elimination with the final weapon wins! Infinite ammo is on, and players will drop materials when they are eliminated."

So much like the classic gun game from Call of Duty titles, this will be a fun and unique LTM for players to try! 


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Written byNick Farrell@NickFarrell91