Fortnite: How to Win the Chapter 2 Season 5 Umbrella

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Chapter 2 Season 5 has just dropped and we know you’re already well underway with playing everything on offer!

Whether it’s hunting down bounties, flying overhead withe the Razer Crest or just enjoying the old map POIs returning, at least kinda returning, we know you’re having fun!


But that isn’t all that matters, there is more to Fortnite than fun!

You have to win.

Here’s how you can win the match and show of your cool new Umbrella!

How to win the Chapter 2 Season 5 Umbrella

The task seems simple, but is deceptively difficult!


You have to win a match in any of Solos, Duos or Squads.

Do that and you’ll automatically unlock the Season 5 Umbrella, which looks really cool by the way!

If you want to play as the new gladiator-inspired skin, this is really going to fit your new style!


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Though how do you win?

Here’s our guide!

How to Win in Fortnite!

1. Obviously, you want to survive until the end, that is simple enough, but just surviving isn’t going to help you.


While you shouldn’t try to go looking for fights, try not to run, as while your back is turned you’re an easy target!

2. If you do spot enemies, stick to your strengths! 

If you aren’t a Sniper, it’s okay, try and get up close to use your Shotgun.

3. And if you do want to try Squads or Duos, teaming up with friends will help considerably!


Being able to call them and verbally talk through strategies, or point out threats will give you a huge advantage!

We hope those tips help and we wish you luck out there.