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21 Jan 2021

Fortnite Creative: NPC Conversation Editor On The Way?

Could Fortnite soon let players customise conversations with NPCs?

If new leaks are to be believed the feature could very much be on the way!

Here’s everything we know.

Conversation Editor On The Way?

As discovered by iFireMonkey on Twitter, it looks like NPCs could be customisable in the future.

Perhaps they will become player editable in Fortnite Creative.

This comes from a few leaked lines of text including “ConversationEditor.”

SO MANY WORDS!(Image: iFireMonkey)

This could allow Fortnite Creative players to include NPCs in their worlds, which would be a massive boon for roleplay map makers.

We can just imagine all the possibilities!

Though unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that NPC conversation edits will come to Fortnite Creative.

While it feels entirely likely that this feature will be in Creative, this discovered code could just be a developer tool, intended to let them make changes but it is still an interesting find!

As more information releases we’ll be sure to keep you in the know.

Perhaps if it was never intended for player use, the excitement the discovery has garnered could force Epic to turn it into a feature soon!