Fortnite: Best Fishing Spots In Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 6

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Now it’s time for a less destructive approach than we’ve tried before in Week 6’s Fortnite quests.

Instead of blowing up the fishing spots, let’s fish up some Floppers the old fashioned way!


Here’s our guide on how to catch fish in Fortnite for the Week 6 quests!

Where to find fish

Fish can be caught with a rod anywhere you can find water.

Though fishing spots are going to be your best bet rather than just randomly casting out your rod.


Fishing Spots look like this, with agitated water and Floppers all circling underwater!

You can use a fishing spot one to three times before it vanishes and then just keep moving onto the next one.

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If you want to find the best place for fishing, we here at Gfinity would recommend Lake Canoe.


Nice and serene, a perfect place to fish! (Image: FortniteInsider)

The spot is getting popular, and IO Guards can spawn to ruin your day but you will get plenty of rods and fishing spots to be able to find everything you need!

Keep casting out your rod until the Catch Fish quest registers that you have seven.

When that’s done, you can head out the next challenge, signal the Coral Buddies.


We hope this guide helps and good luck completing the rest of the challenges this week!