Fortnite Arena Chapter 2 Season 4: Doctor Doom’s Mystical Bomb Permanently BANNED From Competitive

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Competitive Fortnite players rejoice!

One of Chapter 2 Season 4’s most powerful superpowers has been vaulted, well at least in Arena modes.


After being disabled to solve “Issues” with the Doctor Doom’s Mystical Bomb power, the item is gone in Arena modes, but why wasn’t it fixed?

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Doctor Doom’s Mystical Bomb Disabled

Doctor Doom’s Mystical Bomb is out of Arena for good!


The news comes via the Fortnite Status Twitter account, which posted the news as an update to a previous post.

Doctor Doom's Mystical Bomb will remain disabled in Arena for the remainder of the Season.
— Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus)
November 12, 2020

Previously the Doctor Doom power had been disabled in all competitive playlists.


Unfortunately, given the high likelihood that all Marvel items will exit when Season 5 rolls around, it is very probable that the Mystical Bomb will never be seen in Arena again.

It’s a shame the power had to go, the hero abilities have been so much fun in Chapter 2 Season 4.

Doctor Doom’s powers have been in the game the longest, it’s sad they won’t last all the way ‘til the end (at least in competitive).

But could it have stayed?


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Why Was Mystical Bomb not fixed?

We don’t know the exact reasons the weapon was removed, only that there was an “issue” with it.

It likely had something to do with a glitch, or the weapon being too overpowered in such high-stakes matches.


So then why wasn’t it fixed?

This latest move was probably taken because the effort required to tweak the weapon wouldn’t be worth it. 

So close to the end of the season, it will be easier to just disable Doctor Doom’s Mystical Bomb, given that it probably won’t be around at all in a few weeks.

So if you want to close out Season 4 as Doctor Doom, just remember you’ll have to do it outside of Arena!