Fortnite: 14 Days of Summer Event And Content Update Details And Information

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Fortnite players will be able to earn in-game rewards such as cosmetics, wraps and more during the event. The summer season is in full swing in Fortnite with the release of '14 Days of Summer'.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

What Is '14 Days of Summer' And When Is It?


If you have played Fortnite since the V9.30 patch, you will notice there have been giant beach balls and umbrellas appearing at multiple locations across the map.

Epic Games typically celebrates every holiday with an in-game event, an example of this was the 'Share the Love Event' for Valentine's day. Now, Fortnite appears to be in the mood for Summer, with the launch of the '14 Days of Summer Event', which will conveniently run over the course of when Epic Games' offices are on their summer break. 

The event will have a set of challenges that players can complete to unlock certain cosmetics and/or other items. Furthermore, Epic will be adding a new limited time mode or Limited Time Mode (LTM) each day to give players a fresh experience during the event.

The first event for June 25th is Splashdown Squads, which is described as being the biggest water balloon party to date. Epic will also be unvaulting a weapon each day to go along with their rotating LTM cycle, much like the LTM, the unvaulted weapons will only be available for 24 hours; so avid Fortnite players should make sure to soak up the fun of their lost and forgotten weapons.

New Cosmetics!

Along with the addition of the unvaulted weapons each day, Epic will also be rotating a new summer cosmetic every day for the Fortnite Item Shop. As seen above the “Summer Drift” skin set was added last night in anticipation of the event and we should see most of the skins pictured on the event photo.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games


V9.30 Content Update

In recent weeks there has been a lot of discussions on the current loot pool in Fortnite. From the drop rate of the Burst SMG to the lack of shotguns, Epic has seemed to address all of these issues in their V9.30 Content Update.

This patch was primarily a loot drop change, but also vaulted some weapons as well as bringing some old favorites back into the mix. 

Unvaulted Weapons

  • Pump Shotgun (Only Rare and Uncommon)
  • Shockwave Grenades
  • Suppressed SMG

Vaulted Weapons

  • Rift To Go
  • Rare Tactical Assualt Rifle
  • Impulse Grenades
  • Pirate Cannons

New Weapons

“New Revolver’ 

Adding back the suppressed SMG and pump shotgun is already a fan favorite decision, along with the added notes on certain loot drops which can be found here: 

The most notable changes are...

Burst SMG

  • Availability adjustments
  • Availability from floor loot reduced from 5.03% to 3.1%
  • Availability from chests reduced from 18.66% to 10.32%

Tactical Shotgun

  • Availability from floor loot reduced from 8.19% to 5.4%
  • Headshot Multiplier increased from 2 to 2.25

There are multiple adjustments to the loot pool found throughout this content update, along with the addition of the 14 Days of Summer Event avid Fortnite players have rejoiced over this update which many have proclaimed as the best in months.



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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91