FollowEsports Acquire Team Dignitas EU LCS Team

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FollowEsports have officially announced their acquisition of Team Dignitas’ EU LCS team. 

In an announcement hosted by Alienware, Team Dignitas owner and manager, Michael ‘ODEE’ O’dell, revealed that Dignitas’ European division have finally found a new home, after an intense bidding war which lasted several weeks. 


FollowEsports, the self-proclaimed "TV Guide of Esports", have successfully secured the services of Martin ‘Wunderwear’ Hansen, Chres ‘Sencux’ Laursen, Kasper ‘Kobbe’ Kobberup and Nicolai ‘Nisbeth’ Nisbeth, following a bid reported to be between $500,000 - $1 Million.   

The sale of Team Dignitas’ EU division follows a ruling set by the League of Legends Championship Series, which states that an organisation is only permitted to own one team in the competition. As Dignitas possessed both a North American and European line-up, the franchise was forced to sell one of their two teams. 

FollowEsports have now expanded into their sixth eSports title in less than three months, as the company looks to move beyond their image as a mere eSports calendar. 

Managing Director Michael 'ODEE' O'Dell had the following to say about the announcement:


"I am happy to have found who I feel is a great buyer for our EU LCS slot. Follow eSports have very similar thoughts on eSports to us and we are happy that they will look after our ex players. Our announcement today means we can move on and get ready for LCS in NA for 2016, and this will start straight away expect some more announcements soon."

Team Dignitas’ official announcement can be found here, while FollowEsports can be found here.

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