Fall Guys Season 2: Medieval Costume Ideas - Jester, Knight, Dragon And More!

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Fall Guys has taken the internet by storm and it's incredible success looks to continue with Season 2 of Fall Guys.

Medieval has now been confirmed to be the theme for next season and we already know some skins that are going to be available!


So, we thought we would comprise our own list of skins that should be added!

Hold Guard - Skyrim 

First on our list is one of the iconic Skyrim guards from the city of Whiterun.

These guards fit the part for the medieval theme and have one of the best helmets we could find.


Imagine your Fall Guy decked out like one of these!

Black Knight - Fortnite

One of the most iconic Fortnite skins of all time is the Black Knight. 


The simple yet amazing design has been revamped a few times with different skins, but the classic one is still among the best.

Fall Guys should recreate their own Black Knight. As we know they have other knight skins n the works, it cannot be that much of a ask to add a Black Knight skin as well!


How could we have a medieval-themed season if we do include the classic Jester? 


This could be one of the funniest skins of Season 2; depending on the hat they choose for the Jester!