Fall Guys Season 2: Egg Siege Level Guide - Tips, Tricks and More!

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Most players in Fall Guys either love or hate the team game modes that appear from time to time. 

Now, the release of Season 2 has implemented a brand new into the mix and it is one of the best.


Although team game modes may be tricky, there are a few tactics that can help you succeed.  


What Is It

Similar to the other team game mode 'Egg Scramble', Egg Siege is a game mode that puts you on one of three teams.


The goal of the game mode is to not have the least amount of eggs when the timer runs out. 

This map is a far more drastic and dramatic version of Egg Scramble as this time around there are drawbridge connecting to each of the team bases.

As well, the locations where the eggs are stored are deeper than before; making it vastly more difficult to get eggs out of another team's base. 


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Tips and Tricks

There are some basic tips that you should follow when trying to win this game mode.


At the start of the round try and get as many neutral eggs as you can for your own team.

Now, this is a pretty basic tip and everyone else will be going for it, but it is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success.

As the timer ticks down keep an eye our on the other team's eggs, if you spot a team has significantly less than everyone else the best bet is to gang upon them. 

A little bit of two on one action will not hurt your team and will all but guarantee your teams success!