Elite Series Street Fighter V Recap - Week 3

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Elite Series Street Fighter V Recap - Week 3

This week, more Street Fighter action took place at the Gfinity Arena. We witnessed some ruthless plays and some unbelieveable comebacks in what was another great night of action.


Method v exceL

Fresh off his EVO attendance, Packz opened up proceedings taking the opening game for Method. However, exceL were not done yet, as they responded with two victories of their own to lead the series 2-1. Hurricane managed to close out the series 3-1 for exceL in a great opening series.

Reason v Prophecy

In the Neccali mirror match, fan favourite Undacuva went against RMZ. Undacuva proved his worth, taking the victory to give Reason an important 1-0 lead in the series. Cross Counter would then take on Vzurk in the second match of the series. Vzurk managed to take the opening round comfortably and with the momentum in his favour, he took the second with ease to level the series at 1-1.


Vegedow would face Shivryuken in the third game. Shiv was able to take the first round by a narrow margin before responding with a solid performance to give Proph a 2-1 lead in the series. Vegedow would continue on for Reason in an important game against Vzurk. Fresh off his earlier victory, Vzurk managed to get the victory with ease, as he secured Prophecy's first win of the Street Fighter season.

Infused v Epsilon

In what was set to be a close contest, Gun Slinga and Keftaroz kicked off the series. Some ruthless aggression by Keftaroz gave him the early lead but Gun Slinga was able to answer back to force a deciding third round. More aggression from Keftaroz gave Epsilon a 1-0 series lead. Next up, ImStillDaDaddy would face the Swede of Brick. A narrow first round went in favour of the Swede by a narrow margin. ISDD couldn't counter his opponent as Brick managed to secure the second round to give Epsilon a 2-0 series lead. Was there any way back for Infused?

With all hopes on Afii, he took on Takamura in the third game of the series. Takamura kept the momentum flowing for Epsilon, taking the first round but Afii was able to respond in the second. The third and final round saw Takamura on the attack once again, leaving Afii on a minimal amount of health. What followed was an insane comeback from Afii to keep Infused alive in the series. Could they complete the reverse sweep?


Afii would remain on for the next game against Brick. Brick was able to secure the opening round but Afii bounced back and took the next two in convincing fashion to force a deciding fifth game! To decide the series, Gun Slinga would face Takamura. However, Takamura was on fire and came out hot, quickly taking the two rounds and giving Epsilon the 3-2 series win.

Endpoint v EnVyUs

Kicking off the series we had Broski taking on Layo. Broski was on the front foot and managed to give Endpoint the early 1-0 lead. Jonesarcade would matchup against Nassim-Claw in the second game of the series. Nassim put in a solid performance for the Boys In Blue to level the series at 1-1. In a family affiar, JesterPower took on JokerJokez in game three. A very back and forth opening round eventually ended up as a tie. A nasty combo from Jester in the second round gave Endpoint the 2-1 lead in the series. Could they close it out?

Jonesarcade would be back on the sticks as he faced Layo in game four. A solid performance from Jonesarcade gave the series victory to Endpoint, taking it 3-1.


Another amazing night of Street Fighter action! Tomorrow, Counter Strike takes over once again.

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