Elite Series Rocket League Recap - Week 3

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Elite Series Rocket League Recap - Week 3

Once again, Rocket League rounded off the third week of the Elite Series. As the battle for the playoff spots began to heat up, we witnessed some amazing teamwork and some very intense matches. Let's take a look at what went down.


Infused v Endpoint

To open the day, the undefeated Team Infused faced off against Endpoint. Sebadam was able to capitalise early to score the opener but Endpoint managed to answer back with a goal of their own. A quick kickoff goal for Doomsee gave the red army a 2-1 victory and the 1-0 series lead. A hotly contested second game went all the way to overtime before Doomsee easily put the ball away into an open goal to give Infused a 2-0 series lead. Yet another close game saw neither team able to break the deadlock, and the game was set to head to overtime. EyeIgnite was able to score a late winner from an obscure angle to secure the 3-0 sweep.


Method v Prophecy


Metsanauris took control of the opening game for Method, opening the scoring before Mognus was able to extend their avantage to 2-0. Some poor defence from Prophecy gave Metsanauris a second goal to put the game out of reach, giving Method a 1-0 lead in the series. Proph managed to answer back at the start of the second game, scoring the first goal but Mognus was in fine form and managed to equalise quickly. A great shot from Hello secured a 2-1 lead for Prophecy and the series was level once again at 1-1.

Method and Mognus were on fire as the third game began. A good read from Mognus opened the scoring. The momentum was fully in favour of Method as they began to build a 3-0 lead. Prophecy weren't out of it yet, thanks to Flarke scoring two goals to reduce the deficit to just one goal. Mognus halted the Prophecy pressure with a late winner to put the game out of reach, taking the game 4-2 and the series 3-1.


Reason v EnVy


Coming off last week's performance, EnVy were looking to build on their victory with another against Reason. the Boys In Blue began well with Friis opening the scoring in the first game of the series. Some poor backboard play from Reason handed Waffle another goal for EnVy and in under a minute, EnVy were 3 goals ahead. Reason were able to secure a goal but it wasn't enough to stop EnVy from taking the first game 5-1. The second game was a much closer contest. Reason looked a different team and scored the opening goal before EnVy responded with a goal of their own. A back and forth contest with goals coming in from both sides, the game was tied at 3-3 before Rix Ronday was able to grab the winning goal to level the series at 1-1.

EnVy began the third game on the front foot, scoring 2 quick goals. Reason were able to close the gap but by then, the b=Boys In Blue were firing on all cylinders, scoring another 3 goals to take the game 5-1. EnVy looked comfortable heading into game 4. Sloppy defence from Reason enabled EnVy to take the early lead. Waffle cemented the win with a comfortable tap in to take the game 2-0 and the series 3-1.


Epsilon v exceL


Our final match of the day would see Epsilon taking on exceL. Epsilon started off with two early goals to take the lead in the first game. Neilskoek was able to answer back with a goal to keep exceL in the game but with three seconds left, Alex managed to slot the ball home to give Epsilon a 3-1 win. A crafty demolition in the second game enabled Alex to open the scoring for Epsilon. Epsilon were rolling at this point and another goal from Alex gave him a hat-trick, while two goals from Reepex put the game out of reach for exceL. Epsilon comfortably took game two, 5-1 to move to a 2-0 lead in the series.

Epsilon began game three with some nice passing play to create the space for the first goal. Some more demolitions coming in from Epsilon allowed Data to get the second and Epsilon were in full control once again. exceL were able to score a goal of their own but it was too late. Epsilon took the game 4-1 to secure a 3-0 sweep.

Another week of Elite Series action has come to an end. Join us next week for some more top quality esports action!

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