DOTA: The Summit 11: Stream, Dates, Fixtures, Format, Teams, Prize Pool And More!

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The DOTA Pro Circuit (DPC) calendar is upon us, as we head into the first minor of the year after The International. Beyond The Summit will be allowed to break open the new season with their eleventh edition of the Summit - the tournament that went from incredibly humble beginnings to one of the best grassroots success stories in esports.

The Summit 11 has a prize pool of $300,000 and a total of 560 DPC points up for grabs, with the winner receiving $72,000 and 140 points respectively. While it is the first calendar DPC event, it’s important to remember that for all the teams participating in it, this is even more important than you might realize at first glance. Due to a lot of teams sitting out the first major, many teams will have a chance to fight through a slightly weakened field for their split of the DPC points. With last year’s TI having a minimum qualifying points of 1140, a high placing at the minor combined with a good run of form at a major is all a team needs to be in contention to qualify.


The tournament will be run with a GSL Group stage with classical best-of-threes to determine who goes through to the playoffs, and the playoffs will feature a double elimination bracket. The fourth place team in each group will be eliminated, with top four going to upper brackets and the remaining two to the lower bracket.

The minor runs from the 7th of November, through the 10th, with teams participating in a first-ever studio environment where audience have been allowed to buy tickets as well. If you haven’t bought one yet and are in the LA area, then make sure to pick one up for a great weekend of DOTA. If you’re like us and not based close by then don’t worry, all the action is available on the BTS Twitch channel.

The teams who made it through the qualifiers are:

[CIS] Virtus.Pro: epileptick1d, No[o]ne, Resolut1on, Save-, Solo 


[CIS] Hellraisers: V-Tune, Nix, DM, ALOHADANCE, Miposhka 

[Europe] Ninjas in Pyjamas: Skiter, Gunnar, Universe, Biver, ppd

[Europe] Ad Finem: Madara, ThuG, SkyLark, Maybe Next time, SsaSpartan

[China] Invictus Gaming: flyfly, Emo, JT-, Kaka, Oli


[SEA] Geek Fam: Raven, Ryoya, Kuku, Xepher, DuBu

[NA] Quincy Crew: YawaR, CCnC, SaberLight-, MSS, SVG

[SA] Pain Gaming: hFn, 4dn, Lelis, Thiolicor, 444