DOTA 2: Outlanders Update After Chengdu Major - Valve

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As with all communities underneath Valve, the DOTA community got more than a little frustrated at the lack of communication from the big developer. Although Valve had mentioned that the update would be premiering in Fall of this year, that still left a four month period during which it could arrive at any time.

With the community up in arms, many users on the subreddit were quick to point out that traditionally, Valve had always put their update out after the first major of the season - or after the first initial few tournaments/months had passed. However, with this being insufficient, Valve dev Cameron, was there to save the day.

Cameron confirmed the speculation of the update coming post Chengdu major in a comment where he went on to explain that development cycles made it impossible to release an exact date. Regardless, with the Chengdu major ending on the 24th of November, we can expect the update before the end of the month comes in.


The update will include two new heroes that Valve has teased, Snapfire and Void. With this, also comes long awaited gameplay patch 7.23. We’ve had some speculation on what we expect to be changed, and we’re going to be planning to add a little bit more soon enough! 

In the meanwhile, if you’re excited for the esports circuit to formally begin for TI-hopefuls, then you can catch our preview of the DOTA Summit 11!

Written byMamoon Sabri@ggTeaTime