Decontamination Trios Warzone, Release Date and Gameplay Details

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Battle Royale games are known for their ever-shrinking maps.

It guarantees that players are slowly pushed closer and closer, and aren’t just left wandering around for hours until they can find the last players.


Though what if zones weren’t a thing? 

Call of Duty Warzone is trying just that in a new game type, Decontamination Trios.

Here’s everything we know about the mode right now!

Release date

In a tweet from the official Warzone Twitter account the mode is “Coming Soon.”

🚨 Coming to #Warzone SOON! 🚨Decontamination Trios: There is no circle, but all players are continually building up radiation exposure, and need a continual intake of antidote to survive
— ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone)
December 16, 2020

Not the most details in the world, but we’ll probably see it sometime in the next week or so.


Decontamination Trios Details

Well we know for certain that it will be a trios probably want a bit more right?

Well As stated in the tweet above, players will be building up radiation and need an antidote to stay alive.

We image that there will be multiple antidote stations across the map that will heal players, causing players to group up around them and fight it out.


These stations will either be limited time use or will turn on and off in different locations as the match progresses.

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If the stations are limited time use, players will slowly exhaust the antidote at their station and be forced to move on.

If stations turn on and off this will be like an effective zone, as players will need to gather nearby to keep themselves alive.


These two options will make sure that the match doesn’t last for hours, with players to spread out to ever finish the game.

This honestly sound slike it could be amazing, and is the first real shake up to the BR genre in a while!

We’ll keep you up to date on everything we learn about Decontamination Trios as we learn it.