Crimsix Reveals Dallas Empire Wanted Clayster To Return After Dropping Huke

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The story between Call of Duty veteran Ian "Crimsix" Porter and former Dallas Empire player Cuyler "Huke" Garland continues to roll on with more details surrounding his departure beginning to emerge. When Huke was dropped from the Empire, many were left confused with the decision as he was an integral part of the team managing to achieve success in Black Ops Cold War.

After Huke released a video admitting that he had used Adderallin the Empire's 2020 CDL Championship victory, Crimsix revealed that the video had nothing to do with the team's decision, but did reveal that he had issued a cease and desist to Huke and his brother alongside promising to release a video fully explaining the situation.

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Dallas Empire Wanted Clayster Back

Clayster Dallas Empire Return Call of Duty League

On July 26th, the Dallas Empire talisman posted a series of Tweets revealing that the full video surrounding Huke's departure will be after the 2021 Championship Weekend due to legal reasons. While this news was particularly interesting to the community, the Call of Duty veteran went on to reveal that Dallas wanted to bring James "Clayster" Eubanks back to the team as part of a trade deal with the New York Subliners.

According to Crimsix, the deal fell through after the Subliners managed to finish the Stage 3 Major in second place, calling the whole situation "unfortunate." Prior to the player dropping this bombshell onto the Call of Duty community, Clayster revealed that he would be taking a step back from competition while Obaid "Asim" Asim claimed that the COD legend had quit the team.

This latest revelation may have something to do with Clayster's departure from COD esports, especially if he was on the verge of reuniting with his championship-winning teammates. As more and more details surrounding Huke's departure appear, Crimsix's video showcasing the full story can't come soon enough.