Cyberpunk 2077: A Beginner’s Guide And Things You Need To Know About Night City

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Cyberpunk 2077 is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to be able to enter Night City alongside you all!

Though, the massive RPG title is boasting hundreds of hours of content, which can be daunting for new players.


If you need a quick beginner’s guide for Cyberpunk 2077, here’s everything we know so far to get you started on the right foot!

Check back when the game releases and we’ll be sure to have a bunch of new guides ready as quickly as we can on December 10.

Who are you? Choosing your path

This isn’t meant to be some big existential question, but when you begin the game you will have to decide who your character is!

You can customise your character in plenty of different ways, but your choices go beyond physical appearance.

You’ll also have to pick a Path for your character, a life they led before the game began.


There are three path choices Corporate, Street Kid or Nomad.

With a Corporate past, you know what life is like on the inside of the capitalist machine.

You’re willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and climb higher up the corporate ladder, even if it means you have to push people down behind you.

You’ll also have a silver tongue, being able to talk your way out of just about any situation and win over unpleasant people.

Whereas a Street Kid lives, you guessed it, out on the streets of Night City. 

Your life has had a rough start, far below the glitz and glamour of the skyscrapers above, but you’ve survived.

You know how to hold your own in a fight, and you know how the city really works.


A Nomad doesn’t typically live inside the walls of Night City.

You’re a drifter that prefers the open space of the Badlands.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have people skills, you’ll be familiar with the Gangs that roam the wastelands.

But when you arrive in Night City, all you’ll have are a dusty old car and the clothes on your back.

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What are you? Your weapons and modifications


When it comes to weapons and body modifications, it looks as if the game is ready to serve you up a wide range.

Shotguns, Rifles, Katanas, the world of Cyberpunk is full of different ways to kill.

We won’t be able to explain them all here, so our advice would be to try a little of everything until you find weapons that fit your playstyle.

Similarly, try out body modifications that suit your playstyle too!

The only limit of the number you’ll be able to equip are the burden on your body, and the eddies in you bank account.

And you’ll need every weapon and modification at your disposal when you tackle what night city has to offer!

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Where are you? Exploring Night City

Night city is a large metropolis that will sprawl out across much of the game’s map we imagine!

You’ll likely be spending much of your time within the city’s walls, so here’s everything we know about the districts and inhabitants.


Visiting either Westbrook and City Center should be fairly safe much of the time.

Gangs aren’t known to prowl these areas, so you should be able to safely soak in the sights.


Though if you head into Heywood, Watson District, Santo Domingo, or Pacifica you will almost certainly need to be on the look out in case you happen to wander into the wrong dark alley!

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While you explore, you’ll also need to contend with gangs that roam the streets.

Here’s some quickfire guides on each one!

Animals - They only like people who enhance their bodies the natural way, with steroids. Having any body modification will instantly make them distrust you.


Maelstrom - The anti-Animals, they love cyber tech and are known to pull of heists to get the best mods they can!

Tyger Claws - These guys are based on real-life gangs like the Yakuza. Their interset lie in illegal entertainment, which earns them plenty of Eddies (the currency of the game).

Valentinos - Your typical gangsters, who don’t only dress the part but partake in the crimes you expect like smuggling and drug dealing. They all worship Santa Muerte (Saint of Death), so that should give you a clue what their deal is.

6th Street - Veterans from the 4th Corporate War, 6th Street took on vigilante roles. Though the line between good and evil soon became blurred, and their methods are pretty violent.

Voodoo Boys - The source material for Cyberpunk has these guys being ones you want to absolutely steer clear of. In 2077, it looks like they have shifted over to being elite hackers, ghosts in the machine.

Scavengers - Mostly known for kidnapping, the Scavengers look for cyberware and whatever they need wherever they can find it, even if someone is wearing it at the time.

The Moxes - A hodgepodge of outcasts and other gang members that exist to cause anarchy. Stay out of their way, and you’ll be okay!


You can also find gangs in the Badlands too, so watch out wherever you go!

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We hope our guide has helped you, and we'll be sure to keep it updated when the game releases!