Custom PS5 Faceplate Seller Forced To Cancel Orders Due To Legal Issues

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November is here, and you know what that means!

It is now next-generation console month, and it is about to be one of the busiest months ever. 


The release of the PS5 is gearing up to be one of the biggest of all time, and everyone is looking to capitalize on the big day.

This was the case for one clever company, as they were selling custom faceplates for the PS5.

Now, they have been forced to cancel all orders following some legal action from Sony.

Here's all we know!



No More Orders has been under fire from Sony this past week.

Earlier this week, they were forced to change their website name from to


Now, it seems Sony was not finished laying down the hammer with this company, as Sony's lawyers have not got involved. 

VGC has received an email from the people behind CustomizeMyPlates and they have noted the following: 

“Before we launched, we did our due diligence and were of the opinion, that because Sony only had pending patents on the faceplates there would be no problem,”

“But after only a day of our website being live, Sony’s lawyers asked us to change our name (at the time PlateStation5), due to trademark infringements. We thought this switch would be enough to keep everyone happy, and honestly were hoping so since we were already underway with our product development.


“But then Sony’s lawyers told us it was their opinion, Sony’s intellectual property extended to the faceplates, and that if we continued to sell and distribute them in any country, we would end up in court.”

So, unfortunately, the UK-based company has been forced by Sony to shut down production just weeks ahead of the PS5's release.

For those who do not know, they were originally selling the faceplates for $39.99 / £32, a pretty good price to add some color to your PS5.

As of now, it does not appear Sony is going to release any additonal colorways