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Crytek’s Next AAA Game Details, Rumors, Leaks, Everything we Know

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The Crysis developer Crytek is working on a new project!


A job listing has leaked some details about what they’ll be working on and it looks like it’s a game that fits right into their wheelhouse.

Here’s everything we know about the unannounced project right, be sure to check for me details as we learn them!

Everything We Know

Some evidence is pointing towards this being Crysis 4.

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Is it Crysis 4 or is this just wishful thinking? (Image: Crytek)


Firstly we have some job adverts which have given us the first glimpses at Crytek’s next game.

While they don’t explain too much beyond just referring to the game as ‘Unannounced AAA Project’ the Senior Game Designer and Game Designer roles advertised on the site shed more light.

Under the Requirements section of the advert Crytek lists that applicants must have:

“Deep passion for gaming, preferably FPS sandbox games.”

This strongly suggests that Crytek’s next game will be an FPS Sandbox, if not flat out tells us that it is.

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We also know that the game is likely to come to PC and Console.

Again under the Senior Game Designer Requirements, we have: 

“2 or more shipped AAA titles on PC or Console, preferable FPS games.”

It is possible that this isn’t a Crysis 4, but with the Remaster having come out in 2020 it could have been building hype up for the next instalment!

We’ll just have to wait and see!

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