Commonwealth Games Announce Esports Championship

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The Commonwealth Games usually homes more traditional activities. Arriving once every four years, you'd expect to see gymnastics, swimming, weightlifting, and other athletic events. However, we've now had confirmation that 2022's event includes Esports.

Calling this the Commonwealth Esport Championships, that'll debut at the upcoming Birmingham Games across July-August. According to the Daily Mail, these Championships serve as a pilot for future events, so no medals will be awarded to winners. If successful though, this could change in 2026.

Commonwealth Games Announce Esports Championship

As for the chosen games, that's not officially been confirmed yet. DOTA 2 is expected to appear, while two other games are believed to join it. We don't know when those games will be announced, but with over five months to go, we can't imagine we'll be waiting much longer.

It follows news that the Duke of Edinburgh award will now factor esports into its wider program, signalling a growing acceptance of the format worldwide. Undoubtedly, this'll come under some backlash from those who'd reject esports as a real sport, but we're looking forward to seeing what Birmingham brings.

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