COD 2020 Teaser LEAKED: New Image, News, Rumors and More!

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COD 2020's announcement is just around the corner as hints and teasers start to hit the internet as part of the marketing campaign employed by Activision.

Now, a new teaser has surfaced over the weekend and this one could be one of the biggest we have seen yet.

Here's what we know.



New Teaser

Tweeted out by ModernWarzone, this new teaser was allegedly sent to them by ProtoWarehouse.

According to them, this is one of the upcoming teasers yet to be revealed for COD 2020, and has a rather cryptic message at the bottom of the image.

ModernWarzone noted that the text at the bottom translates to "Active Measures" which could mean a full reveal is in the works too.

This teaser has not been confirmed nor denied by Activision themselves, so take it with a grain of salt!



What Does It Mean? 

It is hard to say what this puzzling teaser means for COD 2020 and the future reveal we are all awaiting. 

Perhaps, the phrase "Active Measures" means the marketing campaign to reveal the game is coming to a close soon, and we will soon find out more about COD 2020? 


More Leaks?

As of now, this is the most up to date teaser we have for the new Call of Duty game!

We will be sure to let you know if any more news breaks over the coming days or weeks.