Call of Duty Warzone: Watch Glitch Could Get You Killed

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You better watch out for this Call of Duty Warzone glitch!

Wearers of the Season 6 watches Strange Magic and Time of the Season are potentially giving away their location to enemy players!

We hope this gets patched soon, otherwise, Warzone has introduced a Pay-To-Lose system that is sure to start upsetting many fans.

Here’s everything you need to keep an eye on so that enemy players don’t stop the clock on your match time.


The Watch Glitch in Warzone

The unfortunate glitch occurs for players who wear either of the two watches, Strange Magic and Time of the Season, and have them switched on.

While they are turned on, they emit a small glow that displays the time.

This may seem like a neat feature but, it allows you and other watch wearers to be seen through walls.


Or more accurately it allows the watch’s glow to be seen.

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As shown by Reddit user u/Khurlauss in the video here, you can see a faint dot through walls.

This gave him the slight edge he needed to take out his opponent in the Gulag, an edge that his opponent likely wishes they hadn’t given him.

It is really unfortunate that these high tier items can disadvantage you in the game.

While games shouldn’t do the reverse with Pay-To-Win gimmicks, the watches are a cool way to display you have reached the upper tiers of the Season 6 Battle Pass.

Though perhaps this glitch is a feature to keep some of the best players in check?

We doubt it, and hopefully, it will be patched out as soon as the developers notice!

Until then, maybe don’t wear your watch, or at least remember to turn the display off!