Call of Duty: Warzone: Activision Planning On Extensive Integration Into Call Of Duty League

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As millions of players continue to drop into Verdansk, more and more of them are beginning to participate in a number of competitions.

Founded in 2020, the geo-located franchised league for competitive Call of Duty began integrating Warzone with fun, yet competitive, tournaments featuring a variety of professional players, coaches, and on-screen talent showcasing their talents for thousands of dollars in prize money.

With several tournament organisers hosting tournaments featuring a range of rules and regulations, Call of Duty publisher Activision is said to be planning on further integrating the popular battle royale into the Call of Duty League.

Is Activision planning on official Warzone tournaments?

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In an interview with Screenrant, Johanna Faries, Head of Leagues at Activision revealed that plans on further integrating Warzone into the CDL are in the works. Although she didn’t reveal any exact details, the thought of more competitive Warzone action on the horizon is certainly an exciting prospect.

"There are [plans to bring Warzone to Call of Duty League], and we’re excited to announce those plans in the coming weeks and months. We've been closely monitoring the introduction and the wild popularity of Warzone since last spring. We did bring in Warzone related content with our pros last season, but we've taken the off-season to think bigger about what a more structured investment could look like. There are really exciting things to come as early as this season."

Competitive Warzone tournaments have exploded in popularity since the launch of the battle royale in March 2020 and isn’t the first title in the genre to capitalise on competition.

Both Apex Legends and Fortnite have a fully-fledged competitive circuit and a range of ranked playlists for players to get their competitive fix. With such a high demand for some form of official playlist to be introduced, will Activision ever introduced a ranked Warzone playlist complete with dedicated ranks? Only time will tell.


An Official Warzone League?

Competitive Warzone League
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The prospect of a dedicated Warzone league featuring the very best players on the planet would be a great way of introducing players to competitive Call of Duty.

The launch of a dedicated ranked playlist may not be arriving anytime soon, so the expanded Warzone integration into the CDL is likely to build on the Weekend Warzone that proved extremely popular among players and the community.

Whether it’s 4v4 competition on Black Ops Cold War or a kill race between the likes of Rated and Tommey, the chance to capitalise on the 85 million Warzone players could be a perfect way of growing Call of Duty esports to new heights.

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