Broski - Lessons from the Yoga Master

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Lessons from the Yoga Master

Rob 'Broski' Livingstone exploded onto the Street Fighter V scene in June after shattering the competition in Challenger Series season 1. Already a feared name amongst the game's online warriors, he was plucked from the leaderboards by Team Endpoint. A few short months later and he can count: leading a team in 7 weeks of lan competition, demolishing his opponents on live broadcast TV,  and being one of the only Elite competitiors to beat DC 'Infexious' Coleman amongst his many other accolades.


We tracked down the master-rank Dhalsim main and asked for his top 3 tips for elevating your Challenger play to the Elite-tier!

"This is the path to achieve enlightenment"

Use the series as a learning experience first and foremost. The opportunity to play against some of the strongest players in the game is the fastest way for anyone to level up their game. Focusing on outright victory is not a bad thing, but your odds of winning will rapidly increase if you treat every match as an opportunity to improve.

"You didn't even break my concentration"


Everyone is just a person. Even in an online setting, I can personally attest that it can be quite nerve-racking to be squared up against some of the biggest names in the community. I was once told that the player really feeling the pressure in these scenarios is your opponent, since they will have a certain weight on their shoulders to maintain their expected results.

"The path to enlightenment stretches far beyond the reaches of even these arms"

Do your homework. Street Fighter V has an extensive training mode, use it to it's fullest. Don't just mindlessly churn out combos for half an hour, record your opponent doing moves you struggle with, formulate counter measures, practice set-play, figure out your ideal counterpokes for their common footsie normals, see if you can find anything character specific that might give you the edge. All of the best players in the world are meticulous in the lab.

So there you have it, bedroom to Elite Stage in 3 easy steps. If you want to test your mettle, earn cash prizes and fight your way to a professional esports career - sign up to Challenger for free, now!