Blizzard reveal new Overwatch Animated Short: “The Last Bastion”

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Blizzard reveal new Overwatch Animated Short: “The Last Bastion”

As part of their Gamescom presentation, Blizzard debuted their second season of Overwatch animated shorts, as they revealed “The Last Bastion”.

The latest short explores the origins of robotic hero, Bastion, who is the lone survivor of his kind, following the Omnic Crisis, which turned all Bastion robot units against their human makers, before being destroyed or disassembled.

However, more than a decade after the war, one unique Bastion unit, who has laid dormant in a forest, is awoken with “an intense curiosity about the natural world and its inhabitants”.


“The Last Bastion” provides us with a touching and beautiful insight into the backstory of the Overwatch universe and its heroes.

Once again, Blizzard have blown us away with their production value, which rivals those of major animation film studios, and we can’t wait for the next instalment of the series. 

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