Blade Runner Enhanced Edition Delayed Until Further Notice

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Nightdive Studios has been working on a remaster of the 1997 title Blade Runner for quite some time now.

Now, a new interview with Eurogamer has saddened fans of the classic game.


However, not all hope is lost; as the future is still looking promising for this remaster.

Here's what the developers had to say!



In an interview with Eurogamer, the CEO of Nightdive Stephen Kick noted that Blade Runner now has a TBD release date.


Stephen also had this to say in regards to the delay of the title: 

"There have been some obstacles we've had to overcome in terms of the old technology the game uses,"

"And our hunt for the original source code and assets have come up empty."

This is perhaps the biggest issue when it comes to developing Blade Runner, as without the source code there is little hope for the game.


Speaking more to Eurogamer, Kick noted the following when talking about the hunt for the source code: 

"We've had some discussions with EA about what else is in the vault they found regarding Blade Runner, and we haven't been able to get a clear answer,"

"And even if there was something, it's very unlikely they would release it to us for legal reasons, mostly, which is a bit of a disappointment, because we were hoping to at least get the original audio recordings. So we're basically working off what was in the original game at this point and not having access to any original stuff."

"I've been led to believe that there's some stuff but no-one will ever know."


It really is an unfortunate set of unfortunate circumstances for the developers, as they seem really committed to this project.

Without the original source code, they will not able to give the full experience that they want to give the fans.

Perhaps new developments will be made soon? We will have to wait and see!